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4. Jun, 2015

Summer Camp Sweden 2015

The company (a) Little Mandarin proudly presents our Summer Camp in Sweden 2015. Join us for 3 weeks and take part in all the fun and interesting activities during our Summer Camp.

Our goal is to give Chinese students (between 13 and 17 years) an extraordinary opportunity to visit Sweden and experience it from a special perspective. The camp’s main profile is science and technology, but the students will also be given a chance to learn something about European history and culture. Of course you will also get the opportunity to just simply enjoy some of the entertainment that our lovely country can bring you! We have put together an exciting schedule that will include all such activities.

Sweden is an alternative

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden

What country is better to visit than Sweden since it is at the forefront of technological development and research? We want to introduce to students, with an interest in science, the country’s long pole position in science, technology and environmental issues. For that reason, your days will be filled with study visits and other educational events, such as a visit to our prominent Nobel Museum in Stockholm, where you can learn more about the famous Nobel Prize award that is annually handed out in Sweden. You will also be able to interact by yourself in scientific environments, such as museums and workshops with a scientific profile. Besides that, we have arranged a lot of other visits in order for you to catch good glimpses of our beautiful nature and rich history. How about a boat cruise on the Baltic See, where you can enjoy all the festivities on-board the ship and at the same time take in our stunning archipelago? Or what about a visit to the biggest zoo in northern Europe, where you can study different animal species from all over the world? Here you can board a gondola and slowly glide above lions and giraffes, or why not visit the very popular dolphin show and watch them perform their fantastic tricks! 

Read more about the places you will visit here!

Please email us at for the schedule and more info about the activities during the 3 weeks' Summer Camp. 


Dolphins performing at Kolmården Wildlife Park

Supervision and Safety

We at (a) Little Mandarin believe that safety comes first. Luckily, Sweden is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, with low crime rates and safe traffic. But of course the students should NOT be unattended simply because of that. We will provide the group with a highly professional Chinese guide/assistant, residing in Sweden, who will guide and accompany the students throughout the duration of the camp. The guide will be with the students from the arrival at the airport to their departure,and accompany the students throughout the daytime activities, from the time they leave their hostel in the morning until they get back in the evening.

Our guide is bilingual in Chinese and Swedish, and closely familiar with the Swedish society and culture. Of course our guide will be introduced to the students and their families long before the camp starts by web based communication (QQ, Weixin and Skype). There will be a phone number through which you can reach our guide at any time during the camp. The two co-founders of (a) Little Mandarin, which arranges this summer camp in Sweden, will be present in both Sweden and China during the camp. Both of us will be available through phone and e-mail in order to answer questions and provide information about camp related matters.

Ideally, two or three parents/teachers will also accompany the students from China and be with them from the moment they take off from China until their safe return. We are willing to offer a 30 percent discount for the teachers/parents who will come along during the trip and all its activities. It is worth noticing that this arrangement is absolutely vital in order for the Summer Camp to actually take place – in other words, if we can’t find any responsible adults from China to come along, there can be no camp. Safety first. 


The beautiful city of Norrköping


Stockholm by night

The students, together with the teachers/parents, will live at a high-quality and safe guesthouse in central Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden and where the Summer Camp will take place most of the time. During their trip to the city of Norrköping the guide will also stay at the hostel together with the group. Norrköping is located about 160 km south of Stockholm. These accommodations include shared bedrooms, Wi-Fi and breakfast. To some extent it will be possible for the students and guide/assistant to cook together in order to reduce the food costs. Otherwise the meals will be arranged at different restaurants at the students own cost. Some mutual restaurant visits are included in the Summer Camp fee. 

Read more about the hostel in Stockholm, where you will stay, here

Read more about the hostel in Norrköping, where you will stay, here

Some of the stunning nature, which Sweden can offer

Company Profile

(a) Little Mandarin acts as an education- and culture mediator between Sweden and China. We intend to offer studies in the Chinese language for companies, organisations and private persons from Europe. The language teaching will be carried out in various language schools across China, which the enterprise is cooperating with. The enterprise also makes it possible for Chinese students and school classes to come to Sweden for study visits (e.g. summer camps) for a limited time. Our business activities are consequently carried out in both Sweden and China. We are also involved in other fields, such as translation to and from Chinese and various European languages. Another business area is that we locate companies and factories in China for Swedish enterprises who want to do business with China, but don’t have sufficient information about the Chinese market. 

With regards to the Summer Camp in Sweden, our aim is to give Chinese youth and students a chance to visit European countries, and Sweden in particular, so that they from an early age will be familiar with and comfortable visiting and spending time in a foreign environment. We believe that Sweden is an optimal place for this given its status as a country at the forefront of technological development and research. For that reason we are targeting students with a general interest in science, but also those who want to get a basic understanding of European history and culture.

Please email us at for more detailed information.